Prices are for nubian Bucks $650 and up, does are $750 and up and Wethers are $300. 
Prices for Nigerian Dwarf are bucks $650 and up, does are $750 and up and wethers $300.

any buck kids born we feel aren’t buck quality enough we would keep they will be wethers. Any doe we feel doesn’t meet the requirements we strive for will get sold as a pet. We give discounts to breeding pairs.We start kidding in Feb. Will post pics of kids when born and who is for sale and being retained. Please check back or find us on Facebook under 

River Mtn Goats

Crosses for 2021


Dessert Sage Rap me in colour and Thorcrest Renita -Due May

Dessert Sage Rap me in colour and Milk House MZ Celestine-Due May

Willows Wild Peter and Green Goddess TH Alayha-Twins buck and doe

Thorcrest Redwood and River Mtn Flash of Fun- Single Buck

Thorcrest Redwood and Nan Valley Lyra-Due June

Thorcrest Redwood and Nan Valley Aurora Remake-Due June

Thorcrest Redwood and Garden Gate KR Canadian Jewel- Due June



Potting Shed AJ Goldens Spirit and Island Time Lisa-Twin Bucks

Curl Creek Charlie and River Mtn Lady Fawn- Twin Does

Wonderland EB Shamrocked and Kinder Ziege Midnight-Due May

Wonderland EB Shamrocked and Renaissance CF Sweet Caroline-Due May

Meadow Keep Total Eclips and Curl Creek Pixie Dust-Due June

Meadow Keep Total Eclips and Diamond in the rough Gigi-Due July


San Sujo Oopsa and De Kulk Rambo-Due May

River Mtn GR Blue Boy and River Mtn Lots of color Due July 

River Mtn GR Blue Boy and River Mtn Dancin In Black due July 


River Mtn Ap TBD

Private Treaty

This stunning boy is everything we breed for, structure, ears, head, body length and to top it off as an added bonus Colourful.

River Mtn AP TBD


This little lady is everything! Ears, head, structure, neck and body length.

River Mtn GR Sprout

Reserved Outta Province

This boy is outta FF Germany and she didn’t let us down. He has a stunning head, ears, top line and oddly enough color from 2 solid parents.

River Mtn SL TBD


Talk about dairy!!!!  This boy has pedigree, nice rump, top line, length and amazing Width!!! 

River Mtn SL TBD


This boy has an amazing top line, nice rump and is overall dairy looking. Has an amazing dairy pedigree to back it all up as well.